I understand that we all have to attend some for of education but why? To get a good job? To earn money? Yes. However, in the end what does it really matter? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but at some point everyone will die whether it be from a car crash, cancer of a heart attack. When hitting adulthood all you’re going to get is better living conditions. Now I personally think that everyone aims to live the life someone tells them they should, to follow a loved ones steps or to aim to be remembered but at the end of the day, in the words of infamous Gus Waters “All our hard work will be returned to dust” We are born, we follow a simple routine such as wake, eat, work, bathe, sleep and then we die. Sometimes death can be seen as a beautiful thing, to leave without feeling pain but some do. I watched someone die once and it destroyed me and that’s when this came to mind, We don’t accomplish much in life and as far as education is concerned, not many of us have a great experience due to bullying and possible problems at home but you must always have fun, life your life while you can before you fall into the cliche, stereotypical trap that society has created. Remember that.

Too many cliche’s

Now, I personally love reading and yes I know you’re probably thinking that I’m some lame ass nerd and books is just a little ink on some paper right? Maybe, maybe not. Books allow you to escape from the most difficult and suffocating of times and take you somewhere you never knew existed, allow you to feel things you never thought were possible. I love everything about books but one thing. At the end of every books a cliche is bound to occur, just like in a movie. Whether it be something such as a teen girl finds her “one true love” or someone finds the meaning of life or even finds forgiveness. It’s all so predictable however even though these things become increasingly annoying over time, you know that a book is truly amazing when you feel it was too short. Remember that.